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Keep in mind that for each mission type, you can choose the types of planes and configuration for each you want, plus regiment, whether they start on ground or air, and importantly, you can fly in different positions AND flight groups. Depending on the mission you could have a completely different objective. If you want you can just generate a Random mission... the possibilities, I dare to say, are almost infinite!

Editing Flight Groups is as easy as a click. You click the flight you want to change, and you simply select the settings you want. Now you have the ability of using Rules (like years or scenarios) as a part of the editing process too, with the integrated Objects Database.

Needless to say you have access to all gliders, Aces, Seaplanes, and as exclusive UQMG features you get the ability to choose:

         Tug/Glider combinations with a single click, deployed from airbases, Air, or special Glider/Transport staging areas

         Historical Ace groups with escort which are NOT duplicate Ace planes... you can even fly in some of the Ace groups.

         Seaplanes (Deployed from special Seaplane Bases or Air)

UQMG offers Rule Sets which are based on severl time periods and battles. These basically limit the types of aircrat available based on year, etc. These Sets are used for editing the Flights, and for Random Missions. The sets are also used for determining what aircraft are available for each team's Spawn Point / Home bases.

There is a Random Generator that will give you fast combinations that you can either use for playing, or edit after it is given to you. The Random Generator allows you to specify what you want randomized, and what Historical or Ficticious aircraft Rule Set you want used. So if you want to generate some planes for you and your friends to fly in a Coop, it will give you aircraft from that period. You can fly your generated mission either from the Single player menu or the Coop menu. UQMG takes are of producing a correct version for Coop AND Dogfight, so you do not have to worry about it. Here is a look at the interface. There are 111 included aircraft Rule Sets you can pick from:

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