UQMG ONLY works with the Release Version (1.xx)of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, and not the IL-2 Demos, IL-2 Betas, and IL-2 Sturmovik Release. SUPPORT OLEG MADDOX/1C/UbiSoft by purchasing IL-2 Forgotten Battles! Demon/UberDemon is a former Beta Tester for IL-2 who is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. This is independent work not associated or supported by these entities, in other words, a 3rd party add-on.

         What is it? It is not a Campaign Generator. UQMG is much more related to the QMB than anything else, but it fills a gap between the Ease of QMB with the Power of the FMB. In summary, you will be able to generate a mission within seconds just like in the QMB, but with features only available through the FMB. You could just press the Random Generation button if you wanted, but you can build quick missions from scratch, accessing ALL AIRCRAFT, and ALL REGIMENTS, plus you get so much more you just have to use it. I realise that a big point of IL-2 is online gaming, so every mission you generate is duplicated CORRECTLY as a COOP mission AND AS A DOGFIGHT ARENA. If you generate Random missions, they will always will include at least two flyable flight groups per team, and you can specify time periods, for Dogfight Arenas, the Spawn Areas/Home Bases will have access to the aircraft allowed in the Rule Sets.

         This is software is as user friendly as possible... and its installation smartly uses the IL-2 mission directories so that you do not have to worry about manually editing things. NO FILE MANAGEMENT OR NEED FOR MANUALLY EDITING FILES! Enjoy IL-2 by playing it! Both Single Player and Coop, all done for you automatically so that you can go on with the business of enjoying IL-2.


I wrote UQMG as a result of feedback from many of the users of IL-2. The amount of work I put into this software package to make it as user friendly as possible is unmeasurable, mostly due to the fact I wrote the whole package by myself, as well as tested it, and wrote the working templates/missions and tested them alone. Nutrition was provided by my wife during the long hours, so I thank her. :-)

Although I dedicated countless hours of personal time in this pet-project of mine, and I originally intended to make it a Shareware application, I decided to just make it Freeware. Believe me, for the amount of functionality you get it is worth more than some of the overpriced 3rd party addons you will find for other games and simulators, which are not nearly as user-friendly.

UQMG will be updated as often as possible. It includes the following maps which have different types of missions available, however the new maps which were not in the Demo version of UQMG include enhanced Air Combat Missions that almost eliminates the need for other missions. Anyway here is the list of Maps, and what features they have:

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